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A community led and owned approach to men's mental health and wellbeing

Men work, gather, play and live in a variety of places and spaces.

We want to ensure that these spaces are safe, supportive and serve the wellbeing of each man. 

Too many communities shy away from participating in the lives of the men that are suffering. We use our experience of working with a range of men's groups, community settings and local projects to pioneer new ways of effective support for men in all communities. 

We are crowdfunding our work and we are also looking for sponsors and donors.


Click through the tabs below to see how our we grow a network of community led initiatives ensuring that there are more safe and supportive communities for men to thrive. 

Engaging events and workshops that  INFORM .

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating."

Kofi Annan

  • A chance to hear and interact with the latest figures and facts around men's mental health

  • Expect an engaging talk, workshop or key note address

  • We speak at schools, universities, work places, pubs, events and community spaces

  • Learn how a variety of communities are addressing their own wellbeing needs

  • Custom workshops for your team, wellbeing leads or leadership group

  • Hear how the current health and mental systems need local involvement to tackle the stigma

  • Have an opportunity to join InCourage and all we are doing

InCourage presentation

These can be custom presentations, workshops and information sessions suited to a range of ages and demographics.

Get in touch to find out more or to book us in.

 We believe   that through   our work: 

Men from all walks of life will be more informed with up-to-date information, relevant support and helpful tools.

Men’s support will be embedded and normalised into their communities:

such as pubs, sports, education, work.

Men will have opportunities to benefit from being part of a locally led supportive group.

Men will be encouraged and supported and sustained as part of community life

Men’s mental health stigma and shame is reduced

Male suicide rates will be reduced

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