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 Male Wellbeing 


Conversations Can Create
Caring Communities

We address men's wellbeing by establishing, equipping and empowering safe and supportive spaces for men in their local settings.

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 Our  Mission 

Establishing, equipping and empowering safe and supportive spaces for men in their local settings.


 Every Community 

 Every Man 

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Image of George Wilson from PedalBoys

"The whole principle of InCourage suits my cycle group, The Pedal Boys. We meet often to ride and chat, so it makes sense to incorporate a 'check in' to benefit our own mental health. Men need to talk more, we can be that change where we are."

George Wilson
Pedal Boys

"It was the most impactful weekend that I have been on, I learnt so much about myself and what I need to work on but also what I can do to improve my communities and build better relationships that will hopefully lead to more openness and better mental well-being"


James Thacker
Unity & Rugby Player

"Men's wellbeing in general and everything that surrounds it was a taboo subject growing up for me and when I was a younger man I really struggled with my mental health - I carried the burden of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation alone most of the time. Through my own ongoing recovery journey and now in the work I do, I have come to realise just how important it is to normalise talking about and sharing our experiences of these topics but also taking the time to upskill ourselves when the opportunity arises. This makes us not just more evolved and emotionally agile as men in our own right, but better able to support our loved ones, friends, colleagues and our wider communities as a result. For me, this encapsulates the important work being done at InCourage. It is therefore a pleasure and privilege to coach and support these men and to play a small part in their personal development journey's."


Nick Edgar
The 3E Space

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